Program 1: Stem Cells and Cell-Based Therapy

Derivation, maintenance, differentiation, and regenerative and trophic activities of stem cells.
Theme 1: Adult Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Skeletal Tissues
PI: JIANG, Yangzi, Co-I: ONG, Michael Tim-Yun

The Jiang laboratory is involved in creating tissue regeneration strategies for the musculoskeletal system, especially bone and cartilage. Her previous work has identified and characterized the stem/progenitor cells in cartilage and signaling pathways in osteoarthritis, information that has been applied to instruct the production of stem cell-based functional tissue replacements for clinical use, including the repair of osteochondral, classified as Class III Therapeutics in China. Recent work has focused on NGF mediated signaling changes in osteoarthritis and the role of tissue-specific stem cells.

Theme 2: Stem Cell-Based Nerve Repair and Regeneration
PI: LU, Gang, Co-I: TUAN, S. Rocky

The laboratory is interested in neural regeneration and translational research, stem cell biology, including maintenance of pluripotency and gene editing of reprogrammed iPSCs, mechanisms governing neurite outgrowth, gait-based performance analysis of neurological dysfunction and deficits, development of cell therapeutic strategies for clinical application, and innovative technologies for disease diagnosis, e.g., biomarkers for neurological diseases

Theme 2: Stem Cell-Based Nerve Repair and Regeneration
PI: CHAN, Woody

The Chan laboratory has a long research history on the early development of the central and enteric nervous systems. More recent efforts are devoted to the study of the migration and differentiation of neural crest stem cells and Schwann cell precursors derived from iPSCs. Specifically, the potential application of neural crest-like Schwann cell precursors for the repair of peripheral nerve injuries is being studied, focusing on the genetic and epigenetic controls of cellular migration, proliferation and differentiation.