The 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (6 May 2024)

Professor Pauline Lui Po-yee and Professor Patrick Yung Shu-hang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Center for Neuromusculoskeletal Restorative Medicine received prestigious award at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.

The International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva is the world’s largest exhibition dedicated exclusively to inventions. All exhibited inventions undergo evaluation by an international jury comprised of specialists. This year, the exhibition featured over 1,000 inventions from more than 40 countries and regions.

Silver Medal from the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
Principal investigator and team members:

Professor Pauline Lui Po-yee, Professor Patrick Yung Shu-hang, Ma Zebin


Project Title:

Injectable FABP4i@Hydrogel for Treating Degenerative Tendon/Ligament Injuries


About the Project:

This invention relates to the development of fatty acid-binding protein 4 inhibitors (FABP4i) and an injectable FABP4i-loaded hydrogel as a minimally invasive therapy for treating painful degenerative tendon/ligament injuries. We have uncovered a previously unknown FABP4 upregulation that fuels the destructive cycle of inflammation and pain in degenerative tendon/ligament injuries.


Through unparalleled innovation, we developed a GelMA hydrogel loaded with BMS309403 (a FABP4i), specifically targeting and inhibiting the overactive FABP4 responsible for triggering inflammation and erroneous differentiation of tendon-derived stem cells (TDSCs). This breakthrough interrupts the vicious cycle perpetuating tendon pain.