RTHK: I &T New Era II (創科新里程 II) (23 April 2023)

Center for Neuromusculoskeletal Restorative Medicine (CNRM) and its Directors Professor Patrick Yung and Prof. Woody Chan were featured in the episode of the programme “I&T New Era II (創科新里程 II)”.


CNRM is a multi-disciplinary, international consortium devoted to the application of convergent principles and technologies of biomedical science and engineering to restore structure and function to neuromusculoskeletal tissues and organs injured, diseased and degenerated due to aging, for the maintenance of mobility and enhancement of quality of life through biomedical research and development.

The new series I&T New Era II, which introduces InnoHK’s R&D projects in respective episodes, is jointly produced by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the HKSAR Government and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). The episode of CNRM was broadcasted on 29 April 2023 (Saturday), 8:25pm at RTHK Channel 31. More details can be found here.